LCB 12V7
LCB 12V7 Family
LCB 12V7 Lithium ion battery system is designed as light weight, long life,high power,multiple protection and application flexibility when used for purpose such as data center, telecommunications backup system,uninterruptible power supplier, medical equipment, and a number of other application.
Light Weight
LCB 12V7 system is designed as which weight is less than half of same size lead acid battery, providing light weight and optimizing size solution to the application and helping minimize cost and system complexity.
Long Life
LCB 12V7 system is designed with lower self-discharge rate LiFePO4 cells and lower power-consuming battery management system to realize the longer interval between maintenance during storage. And the battery management system with built-in balance function realizes higher efficiencies of charge/discharge and longer life.
Higher Output Power
LCB 12V7 system is designed to output higher power than lead acid battery, which will optimize the products and applications performance with higher rate discharge with full output energy. The max capacity is 6Ah.
LCB 12V7 system is designed with more safety LiFePO4 cell which has UL1642 certification to offer abuse tolerance, establishing the foundation safety at the cell level. In addition, integrated protection design combined hardware and software, deliver great durability and reliability, including short circuit protection, over charge protection, over discharge protection, over current protection and temperature protection.

LCB 12V7 system is designed to offer great flexibility application, which totally is compatible with lead acid battery and charge equipment (float charge compatible). Without additional control unit/system,LCB 12V7 can support up to 4 in series and up to 10 in parallel, which helps to simplify application system design.

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