Renewable Energy Solution

Pallas Power develops Li-Ion battery solutions which offer the best scalability, based on the flexible modular design, can be easily ...

Medical Systems
Medical systems generally includes breathing machine, medical carts,medical beds,and medical robots,etc.These equipments are more precise re...
Auxiliary Power Unit

Regulations in the trucking industry have forced system designers to drive innovative technology into their rigs.  Weigh stations...

Material Handling

Material handling systems generally includes fork trucks and forklifts powered by diesel, propane or batteries, however many manufac...

Industrial Controls

The industrial backup power application could be more critical in nature or extremely expensive to service.  Examples of th...

Telecomm Application

Some market analysts categorize the largest part of Stationary Lead Acid Batteries is the Telecom.This market has many different inst...

IT Backup Power

The large IT backup power systems which could take advantage of Pallas power value propositions have short run time requirements to ...

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